Think Pinterest Isn’t Right for your Business? Think Again.

Pinterest can benefit almost any business or non-profit organization

For those who love visuals, Pinterest is a goldmine. A more recent social network, it’s an image-based library which allows you to house images by “pinning” them onto your themed boards.

For example, Boards can include Products I Love and images would be just that: products that you love. For interior designers or home design lovers, a Board could be Favorite Places and Spaces and images housed there would include anything from great home design solutions to cities you’ve visited and loved.

So how does this new social network benefit your business from a marketing perspective? At first glance it would appear you’re just collecting beautiful pictures but in reality it can be robust with appropriate images from your business. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, those who follow you on Pinterest can “repin” what you pinned on your boards and, thus, is now shared with their network which then can get shared among their network and so on. Get the picture (pun intended).

Before you dismiss Pinterest as not being applicable to your business, read Avi Kaplan’s post: Steal these 42 Creative Pinterest Ideas for Non-Profits. Although Kaplan focuses his attention to non-profits, the ideas easily can be applied to regular businesses, too. From museums to hospitals, schools to environmental organizations, the reality is that stories are sometimes best taught through VISUALS and Pinterest is all about the visuals. (And, as a side note to non-profits, this is a great way to really think about the visuals your organization has. The more, the better. Keep that in mind as you host events where photo opportunities exist!)

Do you Pinterest? Will you consider it? If you’re on it, you can find my Pinterest profile here. Let’s connect – I’d love to see your boards!

Megy Karydes is principal of Karydes Consulting, a boutique marketing and communications firm that specializes in working with both for profit and not-for-profit organizations. She especially likes to collect recipes and pictures of beautiful food on her “Yumminess” board on Pinterest since she knows she’ll never have time or talent to make any of them!



  1. I have to admit I have not looked in to pinterest at all. It may be worth a look. I am of the opinion that when starting out a person or company should pick the outlet they know the most about. This usually lands them on Facebook first, or twitter. Linkdin is not far behind. And blogging certainly is there as well. Pinterest is probably a lot lower on the list. Once you have established yourself or business on the platform you are familiar with, then it is ok to go out and learn new platforms.

    People should include pinterest in their potential tools for exposure. But if you are not on facebook with its 1 billion users, pinterest should be a lower priority

    • I agree, Anton. Depending on your business, other social media sites like Facebook may make more sense and it would behoove a person/company to choose an outlet that is more in line with their business goals, learn to use it well, and stick with it. Blogging is another great way to connect with your customers because it provides them with an opportunity to understand the person/company behind the brand or service. Pinterest can be addicting, though, as more and more consumers learn about it, understand its ease and enjoy its visual stimulation. Like other social media sites, one of the big benefits of Pinterest is in its ability to share (“pin”) things you like and create boards that others can view.

      Our weekly Marketing Monday series is meant to introduce our customers and clients to the myriad of ways we can market our respective businesses in a no or low-cost way. Some will make more sense than others. But, if nothing else, it’s always good to know what exists so one can decide whether to pursue it further (or not!).

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


  2. Thanks Megy for your interesting ideas aboout Pinterest. Living in Sweden we are a little bit behind in awareness and I only discovered this social media last week and I think it looks great. Little bit of combination between Flickr and Facebook it looks like. So I think that if your business is visual and you work with design, fashion or for example inderior decor it looks like a fantastic media which is easy to use and share. I think if you have a webshop you have fantastic chances to drive traffic from Pinterest to the webshop. So it all depends on what your business is. Personally I will rank this higher than Linkedin because it will have much greater possibility to promote our products and therefor business. Obviously if you are an accountant, lawyer or management consultant Linkedin will be priority.
    We will start with including the Pin symbol on all our products in our webshop at the same time build a own presense on Pinterest, not only with our own pictures but also inspiring pictures from others or from South Africa from where we import our products.


    • Hi Lars! Thanks for your comments. Pinterest is still very new so it’s not surprising you’ve just heard of it. Even in the U.S. people are still just discovering it! I agree that for your business this site can really make sense since your products are visual in nature. I would also include boards of the South Africa’s culture, landscape, food, your artisans – you could really incorporate so many components into your Pinterest account that is more than just product pictures. You can create a more holistic experience, allowing your visitors to really engage with your business, the people and the products.

      And, yes, some social media sites are really geared better for various situations and goals. LinkedIn works really well from a professional networking side, for example, while other sites like Facebook have their place, too. It’s really nice to see some great, innovative and engaging social media sites out there to really propel your business to the next level from a marketing perspective!

      Thanks for writing – hope you enjoy our Marketing Monday posts and we’ll see you again next Monday!


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