Is Your Business on Yelp? Is it up to date?

Last week we discussed using Social Share buttons to encourage people to share your information with their network. This requires others to help market your business. However, there are several ways to make yourself more visible on the web and encourage people to find you. Yelp is one of those social media offerings that, somehow, people forget about and don’t bother to update.

Last week a client scheduled a meeting at Kouks Vintage Coffee Shop in Chicago. Although I work very near this quaint coffee shop, I’d never been in it and I was looking forward to checking it out. The first thing I did when my client recommended we go there to meet was check Yelp to find its physical location.

After that, I checked out its pictures and its reviews.  Then I was hooked – I couldn’t wait to check it out. It had an old school charm to it and the reviews sounded fabulous. Then, before I even stepped foot into the door of this place, I started telling people about it – have you ever been to Kouks on Northwest Highway? I’m going next week and can’t wait – it looks darling. See? The power of word of mouth marketing, all because of a Yelp profile.

Can your business benefit from an updated Yelp profile? Did you know you can also post special events, specials and pictures on the site – all for free? 

Don’t forget you can ask for reviews after your customers have left. Andies Restaurant posted a request on Twitter last week asking if you’ve dined at its restaurant and to post a review on Yelp. As someone who sometimes forgets to do things like this, it reminded me to post a review as we happened to dine there last night for a family member’s birthday party. The waiter was absolutely fabulous not only with the adults but the kids in our party and the food was fantastic. That tweet reminded me to post a review!

How do you use Yelp? Is Yelp in your marketing toolbox?


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  1. Yelp is an invaluable tool. I first realized it when I was traveling with my family and we were able to pick the best restaurant out of a place we had never been. Highly recommended for all businesses.

    • Thanks, Jake! I have to say Yelp has become a real “go to” source for me personally and professionally. Just yesterday I asked on my Facebook page for recommendations on a particular service. A friend, within minutes, sent me a screen shot of her recommendation from Yelp. The company had 35 reviews – all of which were 5 stars. Those reviews from Yelp, coupled with my friend’s recommendation, solidified the deal for me. We’re calling that service today. So for those who don’t think YELP should be part of their business strategy, they should re-think their strategy!

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