Expand Social Reach Using Share This Buttons

Since social media has become a fabric of our daily lives and it influences our decision making, it’s important to use it in the most effective way possible without distracting for our core business objectives and strategies. Social sharing buttons should be part of your arsenal of viral marketing tactics.

Share This buttons makes it easy for our customers and clients to share our information to their network and requires minimal effort on our part. Simply include the social sharing buttons to your website or blog not only reminds your viewers and readers that they can share the information, it encourages them to do so by making it easy.

With a simple click of a button, your content can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and emailed, among other social media sites. If your content includes visuals, Pinterest quickly is growing a following as well. On a side note, if you’ve not yet heard of Pinterest, you can see my Pinterest boards and see how things are organized (warning, if you’re a visual person, grab your drink of choice and sit down for a while, Pinterest can be addicting).

If you handle your website and use sites like WordPress, many of the Share This button can be integrated seamlessly by simply checking off the “Show sharing buttons on this post.” on each page (Dashboard>Pages>All Pages>Click on each Page and see the radio bar at the very bottom of the page to check off). Here is an example of what my “Share” button looks like on the Karydes Consulting website (ahem, you’re welcome to “share” this post with your network, too!).

You can also use sites like ShareThis which will walk you through the steps to add it to your site. Alternatively, if someone else manages your site, ask the website manager to include the Social Media share buttons on pages that make sense for your site. Mashable included a great article on how to add social sharing buttons which is worth a read, too. The article discusses which buttons to include on your site since you don’t want to overload your site with buttons either as they can be distracting and counterproductive.

Do you include social media share buttons on your website? Have they worked for you? And, if you don’t, why not? I’d love to hear more thoughts on this topic!


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  1. Great article. I don’t “share” enough but possibly it’s because of the location of the share buttons on various sites / articles. You have me wanting to expand my share options on my own blog, as well! Thanks.

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