theCalling Documentary and REKLAIM set to change the world

Kickstarter is a funding platform that allows creative projects to see the light of day. Similar to Kiva which provides loans to individuals to fund opportunities that, in turn, helps alleviate poverty, Kickstarter allows individuals to put their projects out there in the hopes that enough interested individuals will pledge funds toward their project.

What I love about this type of platform is being able to see some of the amazing projects being funded, like this new documentary series called theCALLING by Chicagoan Bobby Buivid.

Bobby’s vision is to share the story of an organization in Zambia, Africa, that is transforming lives through the power of bicycles.

From his Kickstarter profile, Bobby shares, “At risk for extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases, a bicycle empowers children, their families, and communities by providing access to health care, clean water, and education.” I’d love to see this documentary see the light of day!

Bobby is no stranger to helping others in need and the environment in the process. He’s the founder of REKLAIM, an apparel and accessories manufacturer that is committed to reducing garbage sent to the landfills by creating fashionable and functional t-shirts and accessories such as wallets and hats from organic and recycled materials. As if that wasn’t enough, 10% of sales from REKLAIM benefit world changing organizations, according to the website.

What do you think of the documentary and REKLAIM? Something you’d support?






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